Yogurt Makers

Yogurt Machines for the Home

Using a yogurt maker at home allows you to make great tasting yogurt. A yogurt maker, also called a yogurt machine, enables you to control the ingredients. This is especially important if there are allergies or sensitivities. You can use soy milk or regular milk, reduced fat milk, organic milk and even goat milk. Unless you want plain yogurt, add almost any fruit or flavoring. You can add fresh or frozen fruits and make any combination you like.

While you can make yogurt at home without a yogurt maker, having a yogurt maker simplifies the process a great deal. Yogurt makers with automatic on-off are a great feature. You will also find that the consistency of the yogurt is better when made in a yogurt maker.

An additional benefit of making your own yogurt is that you can also make frozen yogurt in the flavors you want. Smoothies and frozen yogurts make tasty healthy snack.

Our Favorite Yogurt Makers and Yogurt Machine Accessories

Donvier 1.5-qt. Electric Yogurt Maker
Donvier 1.5-qt. Electric Yogurt Maker

Yogurt is great as a meal or snack. Eating yogurt flavored with fruit is refreshing and nutritious. It also may just satisfy a craving for ice cream or other sweet snack.

Use Yogurt for Cooking and Other Ways to Eat Yogurt

Once you have your own yogurt machine you will find many ways to use yogurt. Of course you can add berries to plain yogurt and then freeze for a refreshing and healthy snack but there are other ways to eat yogurt.

One of the easiest ways to add a healthy serving of yogurt is to serve yogurt as a dip for fruits and vegetables. Strawberry yogurt is a great dip for kiwis, strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe. Plain yogurt is a great dip for celery and carrots.

Our Yogurt Recipes

We have a few yogurt recipes included in our site. Our Orange Yogurt Smoothie recipe uses frozen plain yogurt. The orange smoothie recipe is a great, healthy snack. One of favorite recipes is our Coffee Float recipe from our blog.