Towel Warmers

A towel warmer or towel radiator is a marvelous addition to your bathroom. A towel warmer will keep your towels warm and will help towels to dry faster. An additional benefit is that a towel warmer will help reduce moisture in bathroom reducing mildew. They add charm and elegance to any bathroom and are a wonderful way of pampering yourself. Nothing feel better after a shower or bath than a warm towel. Towel warmers come in many designs and finishes and will complement any bathroom decor. An electric heating element heats the towel unit and since they are safe and energy efficient they are normally left running 24 hours a day.

Two main categories of towel warmers are freestanding and wall mounted. Wall mounted units may be a rack design (where towels are hung) or shelf design. Besides warming towels, a towel warmer can be used to aid drying hats and mittens in winter, warming a robe or drying a swimsuit. The variety of styles available will enable you to find a towel warmer for any decor and any size bathroom. Large more stylish designs are perfect for master bathroom and guest room. Smaller towel warmers are perfect for smaller bathrooms and on boats where humidity can be a problem.

Wall Mount and Free Standing Towel Warmers