Teapot Warmers and Tea Cozies

The Teapot Warmer & Tea Cozy

A teapot warmer and teapot cozy is used to help maintain serving temperature of your tea after brewing. Tea cozy is also often spelled tea cosy. Using either a teapot warmer or a tea cozy allows you to easily enjoy a second cup of tea that is at correct serving temperature. A teapot warmer or cozy also lets you add your own style to serving tea. Whether you are serving guests tea in the afternoon, after dinner or simply enjoying a relaxing pot of tea by yourself teapot warmers and tea cozies add to the charm and elegance of tea, enhancing the tea experience. The alternative to using a tea cozy or teapot warmer is using a Thermal Carafe.

Tea Cozy

A teapot cozy is made of material and covers your teapot. A tea cozy is available in a variety of patterns included sewn fabric, rattan, and crocheted or knitted yarn. It may also have additional insulation. A tea cozy may cover the entire teapot including cover or it may simply cover the pot.

Our Favorite Tea Cozies

Victorian Rose Pink Tea Cosy
Victorian Tea Room Cosy
Tartan tea cosy
McLeod Tartan Tea Cozy

Teapot Warmer

A teapot warmer keeps your tea warm without a cozy. The heat for the tea warmer is usually a small tea candle. The tea candle not only provides warmth to maintain proper temperature of tea it adds elegance and charm by adding a soft glow to your tea brew. Teapot warmers are available in different styles. Shown below are examples of the range of tea warmers available, from a simple glass teapot warmer to the more formal or elegant Concert teapot or Tabletop Teapot with Integrated Warmer.

Teapot Warmers

Teapot Warmers

Concert Teapot Tea Warmer
Concert Teapot Tea Warmer