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Tea is available in many flavors and varieties and it is impossible to list them all. You can find a tea for every occasion, every taste and every mood. You can choose from green teas, black teas, herbal teas and semi-fermented teas; plain or flavored teas. Fruit flavored teas are quite popular as are a variety of spiced teas.

Gourmet tea starter sets allow you to sample a variety of teas. Tea, especially green tea and herbal tea is believed to offer health benefits. Many drink tea not only for flavor but for the antioxidants found in tea. Chamomile tea is not only flavorful and relaxing but has been found to give some relief from cramps, headaches and migraines. Whether you are new to tea drinking or are familiar with the diverse selection of teas available we are sure you will find something new to try such as the oolong tea, rooibos tea, ginger tea or orange tea. Hundreds of teas are available. Read about Black Tea.


For a special dinner, formal affair or simply to treat yourself tea drinkers have another option. Several teas known as display teas are also available. These teas are not only for drinking but are wonderful to observe. Halo, shown above, is a white display tea available at Art of Tea - White Tea. The leaves are arranged in the shape of a flower. This tea is steeped by placing the flower directly in a cup.

Before brewing tea be sure to review How to Brew Tea to get the optimal flavor from your tea. Visit Teapots and Brewing Accessories for teapots, kettles and accessories, Tea Balls, Strainers & Infusers and our brand new Gift Shop for special gifts for tea lovers.

Some of Our Favorite Gourmet Loose Tea

Wuyi Ensemble
Wuyi Ensemble
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