Tea Kettles - Electric Tea Kettle & Stove Top Tea Kettle

A tea kettle is used to heat the water to brew tea. A tea pot is the pot in which tea is brewed. The tea kettle should only be used to heat or boil water. For optimal tea flavor and purity of your brew do not use an ordinary pot to heat your water. Using a pot which has held other liquids or food will allow the possibility of flavor contamination. A tea kettle ensures that it has the sole purpose of boiling water. Never use your tea kettle to heat any other liquid or food. For more information on teapots please see The Teapot & Tea Kettle.

Stove Top Water Kettle & Whistling Kettles

A stovetop water kettle is the alternative to electric kettles. As the name implies, stovetop tea kettles are placed on stove top for heating. Most of these tea kettles can be used on gas, electric or ceramic stove top. A variety of styles of water kettles are available. You can choose a glass tea kettle and tea kettles made of metal or ceramic. Some of the water kettles will be whistling kettles. As the water begins to boil steam rises thru a small hole in the spout of stove top kettle producing a whistle.

Our Favorite Tea Kettles

Electric Tea Kettles

An electric tea kettle is plugged in and uses electricity to power the heating element to heat or boil water. The best electric kettles will have settings to control the temperature. The most basic electric tea kettles will only have basic settings such as on and off. We recommend an electric kettle that has auto shut off.  Another feature you may find is the ability to control or select temperature as well as boil to make it easier to brew all types of teas. As we discussed in How to Brew Tea some teas require boiling water while others use water that is at 180°F. If you choose an electric kettle that does not have temperature control simply heat to boiling and then allow water to cool slightly (1-2 minutes); water temperature will be then be about 180°F.

Which Tea Kettle is Best- Electric Kettle or Stove Top Water Kettle

There is little difference between using an electric water kettle and a stove top one in terms of the quality of your finished brew. How you heat your water will come down to a matter of personal preference. A green tea kettle, or an electric kettle which allows you to select the temperature of the heated water, might be easier to use for someone who prefers white or green teas requiring water at less than boiling. Any kettle, whether it is electric or stove top can be used to brew any tea. Choose the kettle that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Proper Care of Water Kettles

Remember to properly care for your kettle. Avoid heating it when dry. If using an electric kettle do not leave it plugged in when not in use. Wash your kettle according to manufacturers instruction and let it dry between uses to avoid bacteria growth and rust.