The Tea Ball & Tea Infuser

Brewing Tea with Tea Balls, Tea Strainers and Infusers

Tea balls, tea infusers and strainers are key accessory items to make brewing tea from loose tea leaves as easy as using a teabag. A common misconception is that using loose tea is messy and or difficult. Using loose tea is just as easy as using a tea bag and the taste of tea brewed from loose tea is generally far superior. A variety of tea strainers, tea balls and infusers are available. With the increased variety of superior teas available in loose form you will find an infuser, tea ball or tea strainer not only necessary but very affordable. Tea balls and infusers will hold the tea leaves in your cup or pot during steeping.
See Selecting a Breakfast Tea & Afternoon Tea and A Tea for Every Taste for a look at some of the amazing teas available in loose form.

How to Choose a Tea Ball, Tea Strainer or Tea Infuser

Choose a tea ball, a tea strainer, an infuser or paper filter based upon individual preference and size of brew. Many teapots will come with a tea infuser which is clearly shown in the teapot photo below. These ceramic teapots, from the Mark T Wendell Tea Company, have a large roomy ceramic infuser. It is important that the infuser is large enough that the tea leaves are adequately exposed to the water so that flavor will be released. The Classic White Teapot has traditional charm and elegance. The Blue Willow pots (pots M and N) not only have charm and elegance but the images depict a story so it is sure to be a conversation piece.

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Infusers, Strainers, Tea Balls and Filters from Mark T. Wendell Tea Company.

How to Use a Tea Ball, Tea Infuser or Tea Strainer

Tea infusers, strainers and tea balls are clearly depicted in photo above. Tea strainers, items O, P, and Q, and the tea balls, items T, R and S are available in a variety of sizes. It is important to choose a tea ball or tea strainer that is large enough for the amount of tea leaves you are using. You do not want to pack the leaves tightly in a tea ball. The water needs to make contact with all of the leaves for optimum flavor and proper brewing. Even if your teapot has an infuser we recommend having a couple of teaballs or strainers on hand. You will also find paper filters, items U, V and W in above photo, are available. Do not reuse paper filters. Empty and clean tea infusers, strainers and tea balls after each use. If you prefer to use teabags either all the time or just while on the road, item TT, Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer, is a nice accessory. To get optimum flavor from your loose tea or tea bags please refer back to How to Brew Tea for a complete review of brewing tips.

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