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The recipe collection of is as varied as our staff. From a favorite coffee recipe and tea recipe to dessert and more we present a little of everything. Whether you are entertaining or just looking for something a little different, check back often as we will frequently add new recipes.

  1. 1-2-3 Biscuits Recipe - Just three quick easy steps for fresh baked biscuits.
  2. Anise Tea Recipe - Spice up a cup of tea with a hint of anise. A delightful change of pace.
  3. Chai Tea - It's easy to make Chai Tea at home with this great recipe.
  4. Coffee Frost Recipe - Refreshing Coffee Frost perfect for warm and hot weather.
  5. Iced Tea Recipe - Easy Iced Tea recipe, for variety add a slice of tropical fruit.
  6. Irish Coffee Recipe - Easy to make, Irish coffee is a special after dinner treat.
  7. Pot Roast Recipe - Slow Cooker version
  8. Sparkling Raspberry Ice Tea Recipe
  9. Orange Smoothie Recipe
  10. Viennese Coffee Recipe - Viennese coffee and Viennese coffee with brandy perfect for guests or as treat.
  11. Waffles Recipe


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