Coffee Percolators

Coffee percolators are still favored by many. There is something about hearing the coffee perk that ads to the flavor. Coffee brewed in a percolator often also seems more aromatic but perhaps that is more anticipation. There are electric coffee percolators and stove top percolators. Electric percolators are available in two basic styles a traditional corded and cordless. A traditional electric percolator is plugged directly into a power outlet and the cordless style  has the plug in a base pad. Any style percolator is easy to use and results in consistent flavor. For best results it is important to clean your pot after each use. The filter basket and stem are usually dish washer safe but are easy to clean by hand.

A classic stove top percolator should be a standard in every house. Having this pot will ensure that even if there is no electricity or your electric coffee maker breaks you can brew a great tasting cup of coffee. Usually they brew 4-8 or 4-12 cups and are dishwasher safe.