Napkin Rings

Brief History of Napkin Rings

Napkin rings add an elegant touch to any table. Whether simple or ornate, napkin rings add style and finesse and are a perfect finishing touch for casual or formal dining. The napkin ring is used with cloth napkins and their use can be traced back hundreds of years. Napkin rings were actually used for practical purposes rather than decorative, napkin rings were used to identify the user of the napkins. Before modern technology it was not practical to do laundry every day and the same napkin was used for several meals. A napkin ring was used to identify who had used the napkin.

Today napkin rings are more for decoration. They are available in a wide variety of styles. Napkin rings may match your table setting, match the occasion or holiday or be a contrasting or complementary design. Whether you choose plastic napkin rings stone or silver napkin rings having a couple of sets allow you to also mix and match as desired.

Our Favorite Napkin Rings