Milk Shake Makers

A milk shake maker makes great tasting milk shakes, smoothies and other frozen drinks. While you could use a blender to make a milk shake, a milk shake maker is more convenient. Milk shake makers are usually smaller in size than the average blender. The more compact size makes it easier to leave it on countertop. In addition a milk shake maker means easier cleanup.

Closely related is a smoothie machine. A smoothie machine is very similar to the milk shake maker in that it will make frozen drinks. Smoothie makers will crush ice cubes while a milk shake maker will not. Smoothie makers will often have a spout to dispense the drink.

Oster Milk Shake Maker

The Oster Milk Shake Maker makes it easy to whip up delicious milk shakes at home. Use traditional ice cream or  frozen yogurt to make what ever flavor you crave. The milk shake maker can also be used to make smoothies or mix powdered drinks. It has a heavy duty motor and features two speeds. This milk shake maker  holds up to 28 ounces yet is small enough to leave on most any countertop.


Oster 28-oz. Milk Shake Maker, Chrome
Oster 28-oz. Milk Shake Maker, Chrome