Heart Shape Tea Infuser

The Heart Tea Infuser

The Heart Shape Tea Infuser is an elegant infuser that makes a wonderful addition to the kitchen of any tea drinker. The heart shaped tea infuser is silver-plated and has a small pull-back knob that opens and shuts the heart shaped infuser. The heart shaped infuser has small perforations that allow tea to steep without leaves floating in your cup of tea. To ensure that you will have enough infusers to serve tea to all your guests and family members we suggest having 6-8 on hand. Although elegant and charming these silver-plated infusers are very affordable. In fact the heart tea infuser makes a lovely party favor or bridal shower favor; simply tie a small ribbon around the handle.

Heart  shaped tea infuser
Heart Shaped Tea Infuser

Tea Ball with Red Heart

The Tea Ball with Red Heart is another unique gift for any tea lover. It is perfect for home or office. It's small size makes it easy to take along to enjoy fresh gourmet tea any time or anywhere.

Teaball with red heart
Tea Ball with Red Heart

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