Choosing Teacups, Coffee Cups & Mugs

Selecting the Right Coffee Cup, Mug or Tea Cup

Coffee cups, teacups and mugs enhance coffee and tea service. Whether you choose see though glass mugs or cups, traditional teacups or a hearty mug your choice of cups and mugs allow you to add your personality. All are available in an endless number of designs and sizes ranging from a small espresso cup to a hearty 28 or even 32 ounce mug. Many cups and mugs can easily and properly be used for a variety of hot beverages. Glass coffee mugs and glass tea cups allow you to see the brew and are suitable for everyday or formal use. Cappuccino, coffee and tea can be elegantly served in the same glass mug you use for your morning coffee. Small espresso cups can be used for sampling teas as well as for an after dinner espresso. Mugs, coffee cups and cappuccino cups can be used for tea, hot chocolate and all types of coffee beverages. The smaller 4-8 ounce coffee cups that came with your everyday dinnerware set can not only be used for company they can be used for serving hot beverages to children.

Caring for Teacups, Tea Glasses, Mugs and Coffee Cups

Ceramic and glass cups made for hot beverages are usually sturdy and dishwasher safe. If properly cleaned after each use they will not hold flavors. If you drink a variety of teas including flavored teas, black teas, green teas and white teas you may find flavor crossover with ceramic mugs or cups. It would be better to either use a glass cup such as the Tulip Cup or glass cafe mug shown below. Otherwise have 2 separate sets of teacups. Have 1 set for your green and white teas and one for the flavored and black teas. This will help ensure there is no cross contamination of flavors between the teas. Metal cups are generally recommended for use only as travel mugs. We do not recommend plastic cups or paper cups unless absolutely necessary as they will often add additional and undesirable flavors.

Bormioli Rocco Set of 4 Oslo Verdi Beverage Glasses, Cappuccino
Bormioli Rocco Set of 4 Oslo Verdi Beverage Glasses, Cappuccino

Wash or at least rinse your mugs and cups after each use to prevent staining and flavor contamination. As explained in How to Brew Tea and How to Brew Coffee preheat your cup or mug prior to filling with your brew. Pre-warming your mug or cup is essential if brewing tea directly in cup. For additional tea brewing needs be sure to visit Tea A Tea for Every Taste and The Teapot. For all your coffee needs see The Coffee Bean, The Coffeepot and Espresso.