Cookie Jars

Cookie Jars Add Charm & Personality to Your Kitchen

Cookie jars add a finishing touch to any kitchen. Cookie jars do more than store cookies and keep them fresh. A cookie jar adds personality and charm to your kitchen. You can choose from traditional ceramic cookie jars, glass cookie jars and collectible cookie jars. Let your choice of a cookie storage container reflect your style and personality.

It is very common to have more than one cookie jar in your home. Many people enjoy using festive cookie jars for different seasons and holidays, others prefer matching their kitchen decor. Whether you like traditional cookie jars or one of the hundreds of styles and designs available a new cookie jar along with a couple other accessories you can give your kitchen a quick and inexpensive makeover. A new cookie jar, and new small appliance like a toaster or coffeemaker can give your kitchen a brand new look and feel.

If you decorate your home for a holiday consider adding a holiday cookie jar. If you change decor for the seasons add a seasonal cookie jar. Whether a holiday or just celebrating the arrival of spring, summer, winter or fall bring the spirit of the season or holiday into your kitchen in a easy way. Collectible cookie jars like the are also great conversation pieces and combine style and function.

Some of Our Favorite Cookie Jars