Collectible Cookie Jars

Collectible cookie jars are available in thousands of designs and are very popular. They combine style, function and personality. You can choose a ceramic Disney cookie jar featuring your favorite character and spruce up your kitchen or display on a shelf in another room. It is also quite common for a person to have and use more than one cookie jar. Some like to alternate their cookie jar according to the season, holiday or their mood. Others like to separate their cookies or use cookie jars to store pretzels or other snack items.

Whether you choose to display or use a collectible cookie jar have fun with your choice. Collectible cookie jars often become family heirlooms and may increase in value over time. Whether the monetary value increases may not really matter. A collectible cookie jar is meant to be enjoyed. When passed on to your child or grandchild it also passes along memories.

Our Favorite Collectible Cookie Jars