The Coffee Bean

Coffee beans must be roasted or broiled in order to be used for brewing coffee. As discussed in Coffee facts, the coffee cherry is harvested then hulled to reveal the coffee bean. The bean is then roasted at high temperatures of 430°-440° F (220°-230°C). Steam, carbon dioxide and other gasses are released from the bean and the increase in pressure in the bean causes it to expand. The bean undergoes several chemical changes that cause it to turn a rich brown and the texture of the bean changes as it is now drier and about 20% lighter. Most importantly, chemical changes occur which create the flavor and aroma we all know and love. Improper roasting such as roasting too long will destroy flavor and aroma. If roasting temperature is too low or roasting time too short the coffee will lack flavor. The quality of the bean and the quality of roasting process will determine the quality of the resulting roasted coffee bean. In general longer roasting will result in darker bean with more developed flavor until the point of over roasting is reached at which time flavor will begin to degrade.

Whole Coffee Beans, Gourmet Ground Coffee, Flavored Coffee & Specialty Coffees

Coffee is available in a variety of roasts, from lightly roasted to dark roasted. Specialty beans for use in espresso are also available. Coffee is sold whole bean or ground. Whether purchasing already ground coffee or grinding coffee yourself the degree of fineness is important. It is important to use the proper grind. If the grind is too coarse, your coffee will lack flavor as the water will pass through the coffee grinds too quickly. Too fine a grind and your coffee might be bitter. Review How to Brew Coffee to learn all the factors affecting the quality of your brewed coffee. Experiment with different brands and different roasts to find the coffee that is right for you. For additional brewing accessories please see Grinding Fresh Coffee with Blade or Burr Coffee Grinders and Selecting a Coffeepot or Coffeemaker and Espresso Coffee, Espresso Makers, Espresso Pots

By having gourmet coffee delivered to home or office you will have access to a greater variety of brands of high quality coffee. Whether you use whole bean coffee or fresh ground to order, coffee can be purchased plain or flavored and even decaffeinated. Coffee of the month clubs and samplers are good ways to try new and different flavors.

If you enjoy flavored coffee you can easily add flavor to your usual brew. Try flavorings such as Irish Cream Coffee Flavoring Syrup or Hazelnut Coffee Flavoring Syrup. They are quick and easy to use, perfect for entertaining.

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