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Come, explore the amazing variety of coffee and tea with our brew of the day.

Several times a week the staff of Coffee and Tea Time take the time to suggest a different gourmet coffee or tea to encourage you to try something new.

Sometimes it will be a common brand name coffee or a known flavored coffee, something you are already familiar with. Other times it will be a new gourmet blend or an exotic blend you have never tried. Perhaps it will be a green tea or a fruit flavored tea that has caught our attention. At other times we will choose to highlight a different brewing accessory or what we consider to be an outstanding offer. We hope to make it a little easier for you to experience something new. Check back frequently as we always finding something new and exciting.

Today we chose a gourmet black tea sampler and teapot from one of our favorite tea companies, Adagio Teas - Free Teapot Offer . Choosing this package allows you to easily brew tea using loose tea leaves.

Gourmet Tea Set

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