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It Really is the Perfect Timer for Tea

Gourmet teas are a treat any time of the day. As any tea drinker knows, although there are several factors to consider in brewing tea, timing is important in order to optimize the flavor. Most gourmet teas will come with suggested steeping times, use these as a guide. After your first cup, to adjust strength […]

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Kabuki Green Tea, a Pleasant Surprise

Chilly fall days are perfect for sampling new teas. Today I brewed a pot of Kabuki Green Tea from Japan which is a green tea with cherry blossoms. I brewed this green tea using a glass teapot and an infuser. The water was just under boiling (175 degrees F) and I allowed the first pot of tea to steep for two […]

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The Best Iced Tea is Freshly Brewed

Iced tea is a refreshing drink any time of the year. With our basic iced tea recipe it is easy to brew quality iced tea. Iced tea brewed fresh at home has a far superior taste to bottled iced tea. We did a little research to find the origins and history of iced tea and […]

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How to Make Anise Tea at Home

Spice up your tea with a hint of anise. Once you know how to make anise tea, you’ll find it a nice way to add variety to your tea break. This is a quick and easy recipe to add a little extra to your regular or decaffeinated tea. The anise seed gives even the most […]

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It All Starts With Water

Every cup of coffee or tea starts with water. To brew the best coffee or tea you need to start with fresh water. For optimum flavor you need fresh water. The water should be clear, and free of odor and flavor. Whether or not you need to filter water depends on where you live and […]

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