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Flavored Coffee

Viennese Coffee

Cool nights and Viennese coffee are a perfect match. Perfect for after dinner, it is a nice change of pace and simple to prepare. Impress your guests and serve Viennese coffee or just treat yourself. We present two versions both of which can be made with regular or decaffeinated coffee. Viennese coffee, like any after […]

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Make Irish Coffee at Home

Irish coffee can add a nice finishing touch to any special dinner. Irish coffee could be considered a flavored coffee but it is actually a standard coffee with added flavor; the flavor is added after brewing. This recipe for Irish coffee shows how easy it is to make. Irish coffee is a quick and easy […]

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Why Not Sample Flavored Coffees

I sometimes receive emails asking for a list of recommended flavored coffees. That happens to be a difficult question to answer. I like a variety of flavored coffees depending on my mood and the weather. On a cold day I like a more robust flavor, during warm summer days a light and fruity flavored coffee […]

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Valentines Day Spiced Coffee Recipe

This is an interesting recipe sent to me by Sheila. I tried it yesterday afternoon and it was delicious! A very nice change of pace. It does require a prep work so prepare the water ahead of time. Ingredients for Water: 6 cups water 4 cinnamon sticks 8 whole cloves 8 allspice Put water and […]

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Cafe Mocha Recipe – Easy Version

February 11th, 2008 · No Comments I mentioned the other day that I was sipping a cup of homemade Cafe Mocha and several people contacted me. A couple wanted to know what a Cafe Mocha was and several others wanted to know how to make it at home. A cafe mocha is a coffee based […]

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