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Treat Yourself to Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a premium green tea. There are a couple of major differences between matcha tea and other green teas. First the tea leaves used in making matcha are grown in the shade by blocking the bushes from sunlight. Then, instead of whole or broken tea leaves, the tea leaf is dried and then […]

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How to Make Applesauce

Remember all those apples I bought? Well, still have some left so here’s another recipe using apples, as a main ingredient.  It would be impossible to have all those apples and not make applesauce. Fresh homemade applesauce is delicious. It is perfect as a healthy snack or as a side with pork chops or chicken. I […]

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Viennese Coffee

Cool nights and Viennese coffee are a perfect match. Perfect for after dinner, it is a nice change of pace and simple to prepare. Impress your guests and serve Viennese coffee or just treat yourself. We present two versions both of which can be made with regular or decaffeinated coffee. Viennese coffee, like any after […]

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Fabulous Coffee Frost Recipe

Spring has arrived and my thoughts start drifting to coffee and tea recipes for the summer. One of my favorite summertime treats is a coffee frost. I guess I had this on my mind when I met some friends the other day, somehow we got onto the subject of ice cream. I mentioned that while […]

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Hold on to Your Coffee – Exciting Changes

Later today something exciting is happening at After many mugs of coffee, tea and the occasional can of diet Coke with lime, I am about ready to switch to a new design on the main pages. I have wanted to make changes for several years, but it is just something that didn’t happen. Finally, […]

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Cafe Mocha Recipe – Easy Version

February 11th, 2008 · No Comments I mentioned the other day that I was sipping a cup of homemade Cafe Mocha and several people contacted me. A couple wanted to know what a Cafe Mocha was and several others wanted to know how to make it at home. A cafe mocha is a coffee based […]

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