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Coffee Break

Coffee Memories

I have to confess to having too many coffee cups in my kitchen cabinets. This morning as I opened the cabinet and reached for my favorite coffee mug, I had the fleeting thought of thinning my supply of coffee cups. The thought quickly left as I realized I cannot part with any of them. Each […]

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Coffee vs Tea

I am often asked “Which do you drink – coffee or tea?” The simple answer is that I drink both. Not being evasive that’s just how it is. I like both and I drink both, just usually not at the same time. In the morning I want coffee, actually more like I need to have […]

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Time for Coffee Break

Recently I went on a business related trip. It was wonderful to see friends from my online world. Some I had met on previous occasions, others I had only dealt with in the virtual world. Of course, many others I was just getting to know for the first time. It would be fair to say […]

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Coffee Break is Back

After a brief hiatus Coffee Break has returned. The blog made its first appearance late in the summer of 07. We took a coffee break and are now proud to be back. In case you are a new visitor here’s a little history of I began this website a few years ago. As […]

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