It Really is the Perfect Timer for Tea

by Melanie

Gourmet teas are a treat any time of the day. As any tea drinker knows, although there are several factors to consider in brewing tea, timing is important in order to optimize the flavor. Most gourmet teas will come with suggested steeping times, use these as a guide. After your first cup, to adjust strength you can adjust the time up or down.

Yesterday, I found the perfect timer I can use for brewing tea. Appropriately named Perfect Tea Timer, this timer is actually 3 timers in one. Three sand dials measure 3, 4 and 5 minutes allowing you to steep your tea perfectly every time.

Perfect Tea Timer

The color of the sand is also a general guide for steeping time for teas should you lose the directions that came with your teas. A general rule is 3 minutes for green tea (green sand), 5 minutes for white tea (white sand) and 4 minutes for black teas (reddish sand).

This timer for tea makes a great gift for any tea drinker or yourself.  A simple yet practical gift for tea drinkers, it is also a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Art of Tea

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