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by Melanie

Spring cleaning time is almost here and I already got a head start by cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. Over the past few months I somehow had managed to collect a large assortment of plastic containers. Leftover takeout food, dinners given by friends and family during recent illness have resulted in far too many containers. In addition to the challenge of opening a cabinet without an avalanche of plastic, there’s a bigger problem, many of the containers are not BPA free. Sometime ago, after learning of the possible connection between cancers and the use of BPA in plastic, I made the decision to switch to BPA free water bottles. Food storage containers present an even greater risk as they often go into the microwave for reheating.

Go Green Premium BPA Free Storage 9pc Set w/lids

BPA is bisphenol-a, a chemical used in plastic. Over time BPA leaks out of the plastic and contaminates the food and drink.  Whenever you heat food in a plastic container or put it in the dishwasher additional BPA leaks out.  When you eat or drink the food or beverage in the container, you also consume the chemical.  There has been some research that BPA can cause cancer. Since I have seen enough cancer, this is not a risk I am willing to take. BPA free storage containers was an easy decision.

The problems with BPA also include  more risks to children; in addition to increased incidence of cancer, it has been associated with conditions such as behavioral problems and precocious puberty. Since this research is still new and not as advanced there may be even more risks. I definitely do not want to subject my children to any more risks.

Rather than taking chances, I threw out all the containers containing BPA, I will only use BPA free plastic containers. Making the switch to BPA free food storage containers is an easy one.  Not only do I feel it is a healthier choice, my cabinets are a lot neater. Of course I still have far too many coffee cups, see Coffee Memories, but that will never change.

 BPA Free Kitchen Storage Containers

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