Treat Yourself to Matcha Tea

by Melanie

Matcha tea is a premium green tea. There are a couple of major differences between matcha tea and other green teas. First the tea leaves used in making matcha are grown in the shade by blocking the bushes from sunlight. Then, instead of whole or broken tea leaves, the tea leaf is dried and then ground into a very fine powder. The color is a much brighter green than typical green teas.

Preparing or brewing matcha tea is very different from other green teas and requires a whisk and shallow bowl. Visit Matcha or watch this short video to learn more about Matcha Tea.

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Matcha tea is not only a treat, it has many health benefits. Like most green teas, it is filled with antioxidants making it a better choice than coffee or other beverages.
When serving matcha you do not need to add sugar as it is naturally sweet. Matcha can also be used in cold drinks including smoothies and iced drinks.

Match tea makes a great gift for any tea lover.

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