Why Not Sample Flavored Coffees

by Melanie

I sometimes receive emails asking for a list of recommended flavored coffees. That happens to be a difficult question to answer. I like a variety of flavored coffees depending on my mood and the weather. On a cold day I like a more robust flavor, during warm summer days a light and fruity flavored coffee hits the spot. When I am dieting a chocolate flavored coffee is a wonderful way to indulge myself a bit.

The best way to go about trying flavored coffee is to make a full pot of coffee. One or two small sips of coffee is usually not enough, you need a full cup or mug. Of course, in my case I also like to try a second cup. I also like to make a second pot a day or two later. That allows me to experiment with the strength of the brew.

One great company to check out is Boca Java, fantastic savings on Boca Java coffees, teas, cocoas, and gifts. There are several awesome flavored coffees available. One of the best things you’ll find are the 2 ounce packs of coffee. These 2 ounce sample packs, also called Baby Boca samples you to try a full pot of flavored coffee. With around 30 different coffees available, including 20 flavored coffees, I’m sure you’ll find several that you like.

If you like chocolate either the Chocolate Cherry Celebration or Courtside Chocolate is a fantastic choice as a late afternoon or after dinner coffee. The Hightide Hazelnut Creme is another wonderful selection I like midmorning. I could go on and list my favorites but I would have to list them all. Try several blends to see which is right for you.

I have to include one last coffee, Lucky Leprechaun Lagoon. It’s only available during March and tastes just like Irish coffee. Simply delicious!


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