Summer is for Shish Kabobs

by Melanie

Shish kabobs are easy to make, taste great and mean very little clean up which is a big plus during the summer. I just finished getting my shish kabobs ready so that later all I have to do is fire up the barbecue.  This is a very simple recipe for shish kabobs that everyone loves from picky kids to meat loving husband.

Ingredients for Shish Kabobs

  • beef cubes (about 1″ squares)
  • white meat chicken (about 1″ squares)
  • fresh cherry tomatoes
  • fresh onion sliced thick
  • green or red pepper (about 1″ squares)
  • canned whole potatoes, drained and large potatoes cut in half
  • teriyaki marinade or other marinade

Marinate chicken and beef in marinade overnight or for minimum of 2 hours. The longer you let it soak the stronger the flavor.

About a half hour before you are ready to assemble your shish kabobs soak the wooden skewers in water. This will help to prevent them from burning during grilling.

On each skewer place tomato, beef or chicken, onion, pepper in repeating pattern. Don’t cram everything together, leave a little loose to help cook evenly and completely.

Skewer potatoes on separate skewer and sprinkle potatoes with a little seasoning such as  garlic herb. Either wrap skewer in foil or skip the skewer and place potatoes in tin for easy grilling. I keep the potatoes separate because I find they have a tendency to fall apart. It’s also why I wrap them in foil or use a tin. I use canned potatoes because I don’t have to peel them and raw potatoes never seem to keep properly.

Place all on barbecue and grill until cooked through.

When done serve immediately. I serve with some raw fresh baby carrots.

Everyone loves shish kabob night. Never any left overs and never a mess to clean up.

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