Black Teas

Black Tea - A Perfect Start to the Day

Black tea is a popular variety of tea. To create black teas, harvested tea leaves are allowed to oxidize. Many years ago leaves were allowed to oxidize in order to preserve flavor. The oxidation alters the flavor of the tea leaf and gives it a darker color. Black teas can drunk hot or as iced tea. Black tea is available as loose tea leaves or as black tea bags. Some of the more common black teas are Ceylon, Orange Pekoe, Darjeeling and English Breakfast tea.

Loose Black Tea

To brew black tea you need boiling water. As when brewing any tea, start with fresh cool water. If you are brewing tea using loose tea boil the water in your kettle. While water is heating pre-warm your teapot and infuser or if brewing in a cup, warm the cup. Warm the teapot or cup using hot water. This is an important step because black tea needs water that is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cup or teapot and infuser is not pre warmed crucial heat will be lost when you add the boiling water; your tea will not infuse properly. Cover the teapot or cup while the tea infuses.

Golden Monkey Tea
Golden Monkey
black tea 1896
black tea sampler
Art of Black Sampler

Black Peony
Classic black tea
Classic Black - Winner Best Black Tea

Biodynamic Breakfast
Earl grey tea
Earl Grey Creme

Passionfruit Jasmine

Santiago Strawberry

Lychee Peach
English breakfast tea
English Breakfast
Assam gold black tea
Assam Gold

Black Tea Bags

Brewing tea using black tea bags is similar to brewing using loose tea. You can either brew by the cup or by the pot. Bring fresh water to a boil in tea kettle. Place one teabag into warmed cup or mug or place the appropriate number of teabags into your warmed teapot. Pour boiling water over the bag and then cover the cup or pot to prevent loss of heat.

Tea sampler- teabag sampler
The Eco Pyramid Teabag Sampler

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