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Be sure to stop by and see our brand new CoffeeandTeaTime blog for great recipes, reviews and more. has much more than coffee and tea. We are full of information, tips on selecting items for home and office, product suggestions, recipes and more. We offer something for everyone, from coffee and tea to cookware, small appliances and decor items; everything for home, kitchen, cafeteria, office and break room. We are constantly adding new sections like Tea & Coffee Gift Shop and Tea Balls & Infusers. We offer suggestions on use of Bistro tables to improve decor and utilize space. We discuss How to Buy Kitchen Knives, How to Buy Bake ware and Choosing Pots, Pans and Other Cookware.

Of course the staff at also have one common love and need - the love and need of a good cup of Coffee or Tea. The staff of Coffee and Tea Time will share our brewing secrets so you can brew the perfect pot of coffee or brew the perfect pot of tea. We will give tips on selecting the right teapot or coffeepot; teach you how to select and how to store tea and coffee, where to find the best tea and coffee to enable you to make the best brew possible. If you need to know how to use tea leaves as opposed to using a teabag we can help. Be sure to read How to Brew A Perfect Pot of Coffee and How to Brew A Perfect Pot of Tea to get the best flavor from your coffee or tea.

Coffee Lovers

Coffee drinkers and coffee lovers always want the perfect cup of coffee. There are many varieties of coffee available both gourmet coffee or flavored coffee. Coffee is available as whole bean coffee or ground coffee and even in powdered instant form. Some coffee drinkers will have one favorite while others will adjust their choice of brew to suit their mood or occasion. At times the mood is for a cup of Gourmet Flavored coffee, other times plain Arabica, Robusta or Kona coffee while after dinner, a cup of espresso or cappuccino might be more appropriate. In Coffee Grinders and grinding coffee we will help you decide whether to grind your own coffee using a coffee grinder and define a burr grinder and a blade grinder. In Espresso Coffee - Espresso Makers & accessories you'll find all your espresso needs from espresso pots to espresso beans. We help you find the coffeemaker that is right for you, reviewing the different coffeepots available including press pots, automatic coffeemakers, percolator coffee pots and coffee pod machines. We will help you find coffee for delivery to home or office whether you want whole bean or coffee only ground fresh when you order.

Tea Lovers

Tea lovers will find a whole new world of tea awaits them. An amazing selection of teas and tea samplers can be found online and at your home or office in just days. We can tell you the best places to find any tea including green tea, white tea, fruit flavored teas, oolong, pouchong, herbal teas and of course black teas. We have found the tea brewing accessories you need including Teapots, Tea Kettles, and Infusers and tea storage containers. If you are new to tea drinking or have only used teabags we will teach you how to brew tea using loose tea leaves with a tea ball, infuser or tea strainer.

Small Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Storage & Kitchen Decor

Nothing will refresh your kitchen easier than a mini makeover with new small appliances, new kitchen decor or kitchen storage items. If you are looking for new small appliances for your kitchen visit sections on appliances including Toasters, Slow Cookers and The Food Processor and Mixer. Something as simple as a new cookie jar can also give your kitchen a whole new look as will new curtains or window treatments, new dinnerware and more.
For the Workplace
The cafeteria and break room in the workplace have similar needs to the home kitchen. The major difference will be in quantity purchased and equipment should be commercial grade. Coffee and Tea Time is also for all your break room and cafeteria needs. The workplace will need fast convenient delivery at good prices. We have products suitable for both home and office. If you are purchasing products for your small office or larger break room or cafeteria be sure to visit Coffee and Tea Time for the Workplace where you will not only find coffee, tea and brewing accessories but cleaning supplies, maintenance needs and facility and office products.

Break Time & Recipe Corner

Our Break time areas you will find something a little extra from Our Favorite Recipe to a little history of coffee and tea. We also try to help provide a little diversion with How to be Fully Prepared for coffee emergency and Top Ten Things to Do on Coffee Break. Looking for a gift for coffee or tea lover we have suggestions including tea samplers, gourmet coffee, coffee samplers, coffee of the month clubs, teapots and more. Just visit our gift page or Featured Brew.